SBS Summer

UVA Students: We are your summer storage solution!
You accumulate stuff in college...books, electronics, furniture. The thought of moving it all home at the end of the year can be overwhelming. Maybe you have to rent a truck or trailer, or perhaps your dad has turned your room into his man cave. Either way, moving everything home is a hassle, especially when you should be focusing on finals.

Instead of loading, hauling and unloading, do it the easy way. Decide what you want to store and give us a call. We'll keep it for you and make sure you get it back when school starts in the fall. We can even provide you with boxes and tape. Save your dad's back, and your car's shocks!
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What about my Semester At Sea or other study abroad programs?

We can help with that too.  Just let us know when you need us to pick up your stuff, and we'll hold it in storage until you get back from Beijing, Melbourne or any point in between.

What if my plans change?

No problem. Just let us know, and we can store your items for longer, or if you're not planning on coming back to the Charlottesville area, we can pull your things out of storage and ship them wherever you'd like. Of course, we have to charge a little extra for these services.

Are you guys some kind of storage gurus?

In a sense, yes. We've been storing and shipping UVA students' textbooks for nearly twenty years. SBS Summer Storage is run by the same folks that run the Student Book Store.